NRCC: Diners, Dives & Disappointments – Ann Kirkpatrick & Ron Barber Deliver the Disappointment

Americans are still asking: Where are the jobs? Our veterans are suffering from this administration’s failures. There’s the crisis on our border. And America is growing weaker abroad.

But the president seems more interested in playing pool, drinking beers and grabbing burgers. So it’s no surprise a majority of Americans now view President Obama and his administration as incompetent.

With the president dragging down Democrat incumbents coast-to-coast, he might want to spend August visiting some of their districts. And since he’s not interested in dealing with any real issues – he could even visit some diners and dives along the way.

President Obama and these Democrat incumbents might just learn how disappointed the American people are.

Arizona’s 1st Congressional District
Greater Arizona, Flagstaff, White Mountains, Pinal County, Northern Pima County
Democrat: Ann Kirkpatrick
The Dish: Kirkpatrick is one of Obama’s biggest supporters. Not only did she vote for ObamaCare in 2010, but she has consistently voted against bipartisan solutions to stop its harmful effects for Arizonans.
What on tap: Whether it’s the college bar scene in Flagstaff or the many colorful saloons that dot this rural district, President Obama can learn first-hand how the policies he and Kirkpatrick are forcing on Arizonans are hurting their livelihoods. His administration has declared war on the job-rich Navajo Generating Station, and on ObamaCare, he’s found in Kirkpatrick one of his biggest allies in the nation.

Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District
Metro Tucson, Cochise County
Democrat: Ron Barber
The Dish: In 2012, Barber was so embarrassed to say he supported President Obama’s reelection that he refused to say so at a debate and was eventually shamed into admitting he supported Obama by the national media.
What’s on tap: From Tucson to Tombstone, this district offers a wide array of bars and restaurants where the president can learn from Southern Arizonan’s first-hand how his policies are hurting the community – whether it’s the crisis at the border or how his health care law is costing the average local senior $1,540. Barber has been by his side – voting to keep ObamaCare on the books and opposing a much needed border security package last week to please his party’s leaders.


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