Who Is Anthony Espinoza? The Liberal Behind ‘Recall Douglas’

Monday, KTAR reported that a recall committee had filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office for the purpose of recalling Superintendent-elect Diane Douglas. By filing as a statement of organization, the committee is authorized to receive and spend money to fund a petition-gathering campaign.

Screenshot of Anthony Espinoza from his now deleted 'Klout' page

Screenshot of Anthony Espinoza from his now deleted ‘Klout’ page

With recent stories such as Shanesha Taylor squandering donations from people with good intentions, citizens are a bit wary before sending donations to individuals and organizations of which they know very little.  We are obligated to give Arizonans valuable information about the man behind this effort so they will have an informed opinion before deciding whether to donate or support the Recall Douglas campaign committee.

Beginning Tuesday December 2nd, Arizona Liberal Watch will launch a multiple part series on the man behind the Recall Douglas campaign, Anthony Espinoza. We believe you need to know the truth.

All articles will be based on items discovered through ‘open sources’.  Sources include but are not limited to news articles, government websites, and Espinoza’s own social media pages when they were open to public view (before he deleted his pages or made them private).

We’d like to take this moment to give a hat-tip to social media observers for assisting us in this endeavor and discovering items that we thought were scrubbed from the internet forever.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Anthony Espinoza? The Liberal Behind ‘Recall Douglas’

  1. Say what??????? I definitely want to know more about this genius who is planning a recall on someone who has not yet served a day in office. It must be about Common Core. Keep following the money!

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