Anthony Espinoza: The Liberal Behind ‘Recall Douglas’ – Part I
Anthony Espinoza

We begin our series (data dump) on the man behind the so-called recall effort of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas.

This part will take a look at Anthony Espinoza’s bio and professional background. Much of the information we are about to disclose was in the public domain until Espinoza’s name became associated with the recall effort. Shortly thereafter, Espinoza sanitized his web presence but not before we were able to secure content that reveals a very different person.

Anthony Espinoza filed paperwork with the Secretary of State as the Chairman of the Recall Diane Douglas Committee over a week ago. When he filed his statement of organization, he misspelled his name. Whether this was intentional or an error, is up for discussion. Here is a copy of the filing:


On the website under the “Who We Are” section we found this image file of Espinoza identifying himself as the man behind the recall:



Espinoza graduated from Arizona “Stare” (sic) University with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. He also received a Masters in Educational Technology from ASU. According to his Linkedin profile, he was employed by the Paradise Valley Unified School District but currently works as a Technology Teacher with M. C. Cash Elementary School with the Laveen Elementary School District. Here is a screenshot of his Linkedin profile and his webpage with the school before the photo was removed.



Anthony Espinoza MCCash Bio

What you won’t find on Anthony Espinoza’s resume, and for obvious reason, is his employment as a 2nd grade teacher at William Sullivan Elementary within Murphy School District 21. During his employment with that school, the governing board forced his resignation due an unprofessional act of abandoning his teaching position. The board requested that Espinoza be “subject to disciplinary action by the State Board of Education, up to suspension or revocation of his teaching certificate.” He resigned but the Murphy School District Governing Board authorized a statement of allegations be filed with the Arizona State Board of Education, Investigative Unit. (see link and screenshot of official board meeting minutes below.)



When Anthony is not teaching, he engages in other activities including Democrat politics. Several of his public profiles show his involvement as an elected Democrat precinct committeeman. In one posted image on the MC Cash school website, Espinoza proudly displays his certificate from the Maricopa County Clerk of the Board showing his election as a Democrat precinct committeeman in Acacia precinct . That image has since been removed.


One other political note about Anthony Espinoza. Noted on his Linkedin profile, he listed the position of “Social Media Director” for the Kennedy for Arizona campaign committee. Patrice Kennedy ran for the Arizona State Senate in LD-20 as a Democrat and was defeated in the General Election. Campaign finance reports do not indicate that Anthony Espinoza was paid for this position.

The impression Anthony Espinoza leaves with anyone who surveys his bio and background is that he is a liberal activist who just so happens to fund his activism by working as a teacher. We question why Anthony Espinoza abandoned his teaching post at William Sullivan Elementary without informing the district. As our research will demonstrate, there is much more to Mr. Espinoza than meets the eye.






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