What Kyrsten Sinema Really Thinks of Arizonans

A video emerged today that shows Kyrsten Sinema, at an event in Texas, mocking Arizonans, calling them “crazy,” and warning Texans about “some of the things you can do to avoid your state from becoming Arizona.”

Sinema continues on in the video bashing Republicans and laughs as she quips that her state’s economy is mostly based on “crazy,” showing her complete and utter contempt for the voters she hopes to represent.

NRSC Regional Communications Director, Calvin Moore, said, “If Kyrsten Sinema isn’t proud of Arizonans, she’s welcome to pack up her stuff and move to California or New York where her liberal ideas might be a little more tolerable,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Her despicable rhetoric reveals her utter disdain for Arizonans and proves she’s unfit to serve them in the Senate.”

In an American Spectator article from 2006, Sinema referred to a future revolution in the State of Arizona:

“By the year 2020 we will be a majority minority state which means we will have more people of Latino, African American and Native American heritage than of Anglo heritage and I’m really looking forward to the revolution at that time,” said Arizona State Representative Krysten Sinema, a self-described former socialist “bisexual criminal defense attorney who represents murderers.”
For a moment Sinema basked in the applause, and then said, “Um, I just said that on camera…oops!” Wink, wink. Tee hee hee. Viva La Revoluccion!
The whooping got even louder when Sinema urged the public financing of campaigns to remove “overweight white men” in favor of candidates “more like myself, individuals of an oppressed minority.” 

In a Progressive States Network interview in 2009, Sinema said, “We’re looking at a revival of the progressive movement in Arizona. Things are so bad in our state.”

Here’s the interview where she identifies as a “progressive.”

Kyrsten Sinema is not who she says she is, at least not until she wins the ultimate prize of a US Senate seat.

Don’t trust Kyrsten Sinema.

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